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Regarding approximately everything worthwhile you've ever accomplished that was worthwhile:

After hundreds of tries, you got it right. Your great success was; you tied your shoelaces. If you're like most people, it took you two or three years after first desiring to learn how.

If you're willing to invest two or three years, if not more, in the pursuit of learning how to tie your shoelaces, why would you treat your career or health or income or relationships any differently?

To be great at something, isn't it worth an hour or three per week or even per month stretching your own person envelope of life?

No need to quit your job tomorrow, we can all do it on a part-time basis. Need proof? From 1990 to 1999, a whopping average of six hundred thousand Americans became millionaires, are you ready for this… every single year!! That's more than 1100 new millionaires every day for 3,650 straight days. Of these six million new millionaires created in the last decade of the twentieth century, a distinct majority, more than sixty percent, in fact, became millionaires through a home-based effort of four or more hours per week. That tells us that every American has that same opportunity, more so when you realize how few of our millionaires have much formal education in the areas that have brought them millions.

It's been written that a carpenter who says he has twenty years' experience, more often than not really has just five years experience… four times over. For every 100 people who set to a task, only seven out of that hundred are still trying to get better after their fourth or fifth year at any given task. If you can understand this simple set of thoughts, then you have a tool in your hand to help you produce better, and more results in your life, than you have in all of the years of your life all added up together.

You may have heard the old saw about a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing. As often as not, the danger presented is not to others, rather, to ourselves. Where do you think the phrase, "He's his own worst enemy" comes from? It comes from people falling into the dangerous trap of complacency, the trap of believing that they need no help from outside. If that's true, then you're living your dream life, right? If not, what does it cost to look at the process? Who knows, maybe you'll actually use a shortcut or two used every day by millions of masters and millionaires. If it's not broke, no need to fix it. If it's not working at peak, take a look. The clear and present danger in possessing a little bit of knowledge is that we have enough arrogance to believe that we know as much as we need to know. Whether you're a train switchman or a sales clerk at Radio Shack, a rocket scientist or a musician, librarian or librettist, either you're world-class, or you're not. the use of high-powered shortcuts can and will boost you into a higher level. these shortcuts work very quickly.

Since these are the most specific shortcuts used by and spoken of and written about by self-made billionaires and Olympic champions, For starters, if you can't say what you want in ten words or less, then you don't actually WANT it, you merely say so. As with all of us, actions speak so loudly words become superfluous.

Identify specifically what you want to be or have more of. then, admit that you're not in the top ten percent, and that the fastest way for you to get there is by quickly and precisely duplicating the steps taken by those who have already done it repeatedly.

Acknowledge that the fastest way to duplicate any recipe is to duplicate whatever was done one step prior to completion and one step prior to that step and one step prior to that, and so forth, until you get to where you are now.

The PRECISE words and steps of those who have done it repeatedly.

When I interviewed a hundred of America's top sales closers, do you think I'd be THAT much of mope that I wouldn't glean the fact that 99% of them use the same identical shortcuts? THAT fact is the true genesis of so many broken or shattered records at seven companies in a row here in the NY metro area. Reality is, I did not break records, WE broke records.

By getting almost everyone to give just a ten-percent increase in effort, we ended up with 25 and 30 percent increases in result.   So will you.     These shortcuts work approximately one hundred percent of the time, and no one has ever offered anything close to proof that they have ever been known to fail.

You're reminded that we do not quit because we failed, quite the contrary... we fail specifically because we quit. In fact, a precise definition of failure requires identifying the moment that the actual acknowledged, recorded failure takes place. That particular time and moment occur in the self-same single second that efforts ceases.

As far as how you actually get there, first go back and reaffirm what's contained in the last paragraph, The last sentence. This is by far the largest shortcut in this group, because understanding something is making it happen. It's not CLAIMING that you understand; it is DEMONSTRATING that you understand, right?     Suspend your current opinion… if your opinion was valid on this subject you'd already be in the top ten percent, wouldn't you? Getting into the top ten percent means using your two ears and your two eyes a total of four times more than your one mouth.

You're getting this information from thousands and thousands of masters and millionaires who have already achieved what you're still merely hoping for. Accepting their guidance through these crunched shortcuts will bring you fast, measurable results.

Now that you are determined to get into the top ten percent, you should be happily laughing within days or weeks of today, because we're now going to accelerate you up there.

If you want to be in the top ten percent, first identify those who are already there. Whether it's in your company our outside of it, there are people already kicking tail in the field you'd most like to get great at, yes? Once you identify at least ten to twenty people who are in that top ten percent, write them a short letter. It should be in your own words. One of my more successful letters had only three sentences in it. I'd simply say, "Dear ___________, we both know you're one of the best in the world at what you do, and before I die I want to be like you. Would you consider being my mentor for thirty minutes? I'd be thrilled to buy you lunch or dinner."

Three sentences that got me positive responses from millionaires and billionaires, Olympic champions and so many other leaders. As a bonus, they rarely ever let me pick up the lunch or dinner tab when the invitation to break bread was accepted.

What's wrong with writing a letter to someone saying, "Hey, you're my hero, and I want to be a Winner like you. Would you grant me thirty minutes to glean your best wisdom?"

You'll surely be impressed at the number of people who respond positively. Recognition is something most of us respond to with warmth and welcome.

Spending time with your role models provides quite a few instant benefits. Rather than try to bribe you with those fringe benefits individually, I can only ask you how much you think you'd benefit by spending a half hour or so with each of ten or twenty of your own heroes and role models? there is only one way to be sure. Everything else is groundless opinion.

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There is absolutely no guesstimating or poking or prodding or "maybe's" - QRA proves true every time.
The Life Source of Longevity promises you that every human who encounters Q.R.A. is utterly astounded.
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When do this simple one-second test, "How much effort to pry someone's thumb & finger apart as they fully resist?" -
you instantly learn things that a thousand doctors cannot tell you. You ARE going to be astonished. One-second test.

- Hold your thumb and finger tightly in an o-ring as someone pries - I said "pries," not pulls - your thumb & finger apart.
They should only use enough strength to pry a small space between your thumb & finger. Here's how to prevent "fraud."
Instead of prying once, have them pry your o-ring up a little bit by prying 3 or 4x in a row, quickly,
while urging you, out loud, "Hold tight, tight! Don't let me pry your fingers apart!"

That's really it. How much effort to pry a small space between tightly-held thumb & finger. Got it?

Noooooow, when you hold your phone to your body with your other hand, you lose ability to hold tight.
It's nothing less than astounding. Same if you pinch a power cord, or touch any electrical device,
or merely POINT to a device that's emitting so much EMF it'll make you weak from far away.

No need to believe it. Point to a traffic light, you instantly lose ability to hold o-ring tight.
Point to a fuse box or refrigerator, your other hand goes weak, no more holding a tight o-ring.

More freaky: Any food that you are extra-sensitive or allergic to?
EVEN IF YOUR EYES ARE CLOSED THE WHOLE TIME, you go TOTALLY weak when that food is against or even proximate to you!

Again and again, the Psychology of Longevity says, "Don't believe a word. Disprove it now, if you can."
19 years and counting, thousands and thousands of Dr. David Cohen's patients came through the doors.
Never once in 19 years did any human pass the one-second QRA test when exposed to EMF radiation.

Now comes the reward for reading this far. It is so far beyond fantastic that you MUST disprove it.
FIRST, find 3 people or pets or substances or devices that make you test weak.

Direct your browser to any website containing Megaphotons images in the background, at the top.
J233.com, d144.com, Megaphotons.com, among others, have megaphotons right on the page's top.

There are Schumann waves embedded into those images.
ANYTHING and ANYONE exposed to the image tests strong,
and, even if dozens of people test the item or person,
it will continue testing strong until exposed to a different source of EMF radiation.

QRA.me   bidigitally.com   bidigitals.com  
https://www.freelancer.com/projects/amazon-kindle/need-someone-convert-page-book/ What was just described above should provide you, in the next minute or two,
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In my 15 years with Dr. Cohen, I never saw a human who wasn't astonished.
You will be, too, in the next few minutes, if you just follow ONE rule:
Your opinion is worthless until you have both facts, and experience.
The first minute of your life that you do the one-second QRA test,
you're changed forever, because you forever have ability to test.
What makes YOU weak? Hold your shoes or pillow to your chest,
or eyeglasses, etc., just to see if you test weak or strong.

Keep this gift for the rest of your life, with compliments.

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